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Yes, we’re on the verge (my new mission statement)

On the verge of what, though? On October 4th, 2019, when I wrote my first post, this blog had a simple premise: To write openly about my life as an aspiring performer. My first post began: Stories about aspiring performing artists always end with the protagonist making it. There's always a big break, some big shot who reaches down and plucks the young performer from obscurity, or an unexpectedly triumphant performance that reveals the protagonist's uncontainable talent... The truth is, most young performing artists never have a big break, never "make it" in the conventional sense. What are their stories about? I was implying that the performer who never makes it was going to be me and that I was going to be honest enough to write about it. It’s almost a year later, now, September 13th, 2020, and I’m not as concerned, anymore, with my own success within the classical music industry. This shift started before the pandemic, but the pandemic certainly helped expedite my

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